Gangway Evolution

The Evolution telescopic hydraulic gangway has a different structure from the Roller. The Evolution frame is also in 316 stainless steel tubing, but the tubing, is rectangular. It is a real jewel of Fontanel-Inox technology and is supplied with a 12 or 24-volt hydraulic pump, teak grating, electrical system with manual control and 4-function radio control, and 4 eyebolts for hoist operations.

Rectangular tubular frame
External hydraulic connections
Hydraulic cylinders
Power supply
Operating pressure
Maximum capacity

AISI 316 steel
AISI 316 steel
AISI 316 steel
12 or 24 volt
90-100 bar
180 kg (at end)
280 kg (in the centre)

Total weight of standard models, control unit excluded:
Evolution 2500×470 kg 73
Evolution 2800×470 kg 88
Evolution 3000×500 kg 98


No. 1 radio remote control on board control control panel

The 2800×470 Evolution gangway with teak grating and fixed stanchions.

The products bear the discrete but unmistakable Fontanel-Inox trademark.

Evolution is available in the flush-fitting version, in the lengths 2500, 2800 and 3000 with widths of 470 or 500 mm. It can be supplied with reinforced frame on request.

Thanks to the fixed stanchions, even when the gangway is partially
retracted the line remains taut so the person walking over. It has a firm and safe footing.


A great new idea: the possibility of fitting Fontanel-Inox’s tele-hydraulic gangways with a swivel system for application to the stern of the boat. This system makes it possible to rotate the gangway up to 180° to fit snugly against the hull. Fontanel-Inox gangway have a structure in AISI 316 tubular stainless steel, and are fitted with a 12 V or 24 V hydraulic pump; the grating is in teak. The support and the piston which raises and extends the gangway are in AISI 316 stainless steel. The wide range of standard and optional features.



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